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Yogamassage Sessions

Whenever life energy is not flowing harmoniously we experience dis-ease in the physical body as pain, tensions, imbalance or sickness.

In 'Yogamassage' session through deep full body massage and designed yoga stretches the body is helped to be restored and aligned in its natural way.

An 'Yogamassage' session takes about 1 hour 20 minutes. It is a full body massage and it is done on a mattress on the floor. The amount of oil used is similar to the amount of lotion used in a classical/Swedish massage.

Price - 1 hour 20 minutes, 1200 Kr.

After the session you might feel that you had a whole exercise workout without any effort and body is reconnected with your sensations and with your own healing capacity. Deep relaxation can last for many days afterwards.

Every session is individually designed according to the person's need.

For booking / information click here to contact us.

We are happy to recommend our network of 'Yogamassage' Therapists. The people who have signed up have all done trainings with us. The list will continuously be updated with new names.

To see the list and how to connect to the people on it, click here.

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